Holiday Apartments at Villa Valguarnera

  • Holidays in one of Sicily's largest baroque villas
  • Incredible historical ambiance
  • Private garden with each apartment
  • Rustic - close to the original 18th century
  • Distance to the sea:  4.5 km
  • Distance to train station:  2.5 km


Villa Valguarnera's new idea

Dolce & Gabana - Dolce Rosa Excelsa, The Film

Villa Valguarnera in Bagheria is probably the most powerful symbol of Sicilian history post-14th century.

Sicily was a part of Bourbon Spain in those days, and the political situation meant that Bourbons made up Sicily's aristocracy. An important part of this ruling elite, the Valguarnera family, built for itself a villa by the same name in the 1700s for use as a summer house.

In the 1800s, Villa Valguarnera passed by inheritance to the Alliata family. Around this time, of course, European nobility was in decline, losing its power and wealth. Villa Valguarnera became increasingly difficult for the Alliata family to maintain.

The Alliatas still have Villa Valguarnera today. But the latest generation of the family has taken upon itself not only the maintenance of Villa Valguarnera, but undoing the past sins of renovation as well – as shown in the video above. Incidentally, the video has strong Sicilian roots: it was made by a native son of Bagheria, Oscar-winner Giuseppe Tornatore for the Sicilian fashion guru Domenico Dolce. The music was contributed by a Honorary Citizen of Bagheria: Ennio Morricone.

The new Alliatas have one important new idea: they intend to enact their improvements to Villa Valguarnera without the help of the taxpayer. A central part of this plan is having Villa Valguarnera open to those enjoying their holidays in Sicily in the name of sustainable tourism.

Villa Valguarnera's location

Holiday destination Bagheria

Villa Valguarnera is in the Sicilian resort town of Bagheria (red umbrella on the right).

It is one of the giant villas built by Sicilian aristocracy in the 17th and 18th centuries. With its park-like gardens, one could easily enjoy summer holidays here.

For more information about Bagheria, see these:

Villa Valguarnera - overview

Villa Valguarnera is divided into six main parts:

  • The private part of the main building (Marker 1) is occupied by the Alliata family. There are regular tours for guests of the holiday apartments.
  • Prince's Bedroom the luxury accommodation in the main building (Marker 2).
  • The "normal" holiday apartments (red lines) which were once the residences of aristocratic guests.
  • The central courtyard, which owes its existence to the Dolce & Gabbana Video.
  • Attached private gardens set aside for residents of the main building.
  • The "green belt" of terraced gardens which shield the Villa.

Four holiday apartments at Villa Valguarnera are managed by Solemar Sicilia:

Villa Valguarnera - overview
  • "Normal" holiday apartments
  1. Main building (private)
  2. Luxury apartment Prince's Bedroom

Holiday apartment special features

A truly "eclectic" mix

Villa Valguarnera - apartments

Bored by everyday holiday apartments?
Looking for something a bit more interesting?
Then you are looking in the right place:

Villa Valguarnera is an eclectic mix of aristocratic splendor from the past and holidays on the farm – all inside a middle-class city which was even once a stronghold of the Sicilian mafia.

How it all came to pass is something the young, welcoming heirs to Villa Valguarnera are more than happy to explain.

Private gardens

Die Gärten der Villa Valguarnera

In the old days, every villa in Bagheria was surrounded by giant gardens and lemon groves. Today this is only true of Villa Valguarnera.

Because the Mediterranean doesn't lack for greenery, each holiday apartment has its own private garden-space.

This as well as the sheer size of the location and its hospitality makes Villa Valguarnera an ideal family-friendly destination. Children have a wonderful outlet.

Film, art, and culture

Video "Francesco Alliata - cacciatori sottomarini" starten

The old nobility might have been known for its decadence, but the Alliata family in the 20th century was a source of great creativity:

Francesco Alliata grandfather of the present owners – was a pioneer in underwater film. His daughter Vittoria Alliata translated Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" into Italian – at only 15 years of age! Her cousin Dacia Maraini is one of the most famous Italian writers.

But have no fear – philistines are still welcome at Villa Valguarnera.

International flair

Villa Valguarnera - International Flair

Sicilians are extremely welcoming. And Villa Valguarnera is no exception.

In fact, the multilingual hosts attract visitors from all around the world. There are three different mother tongues at Villa Valguarnera – Italian, French, and of course, Sicilian.

In addition, you can communicate in English, German, Spanish, and even Arabic. Arab civilization had a positive impact on Sicilian history a thousand years ago. The Alliata continue to build on this enlightened foundation.

Close to Palermo

Video "Il porto e la città. Un giorno a Palermo" starten

Palermo is one of the most underrated cities in Europe, and definitely worth a visit during your holidays in Sicily. First and foremost, it is one of the safest vacation cities in Europe. Indeed, today one could call it an anti-mafia capital.

Palermo is also one of the liveliest places there is, and so the peaceful Villa Valguarnera is the perfect complement. Just as its builders intended three-hundred years ago.

Local contacts

Maria Carnevale und Thomas Grüssner und das Team von Solemar Sicilia

The holiday apartments available at Villa Valguarnera are supervised by Solemar Sicilia. Solemar Sicilia is a Sicilian-German family-run operation that has offered excellent holiday apartments, Bed & Breakfast and hotel accommodation for thirty years.

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