Holiday apartments at Mer et Soleil

Holiday destination Bagheria

Mer et Soleil is in Mongerbino, a district in one of the fastest rising holidays hotspots in Sicily: Bagheria (red umbrella, right side of image).

Mongerbino was just made for holidays at the beach. Holiday apartments with private beaches are available for your rest and relaxation. Mornings you can skip the shower and jump straight into the water.

Mer et Soleil - Overview

How does this sound for your holidays in Sicily? A fresh breeze from the Mediterranean mingling with the heavy scent of a pine forest... At Mer et Soleil you have both!

Mer et Soleil combines the best of both worlds in many ways. For example: perfect seclusion next to a big city. Mer et Soleil is hidden away on a small promontory, but is also just 20km from the Palermo city center.

Mer et Soleil offers bungalows for 2 - 4 people (Marker 5 on the map) and apartments for 4 - 8 people (Markers 2 and 4). Each bungalow and apartment has a terrace with a panoramic view.

Mer et Soleil - Overview
  1. Bay
  2. Apartments
  3. Office
  4. Apartments
  5. Bungalows
  6. Entrance
  1. Beach
  2. Pizzeria
  3. Entrance to nature reserve
  4. Solemar Sicilia
  5. Aspra

Mer et Soleil - Houses

Arche Bleu

Holiday cottage Arche Bleu

Capo Zafferano

Holiday cottage Capo Zafferano


Holiday cottage Lipari


Holiday cottage Salina


Holiday cottage Stromboli


Holiday cottage Vulcano

What's special about Mer et Soleil

Together and apart

Mer et Soleil is a small holiday village

Mer et Soleil is a small holiday village - not a vacation club: tourists going solo are welcome here and are not bothered by entertainers. This goes especially for the bungalows of Mer et Soleil. The apartments are ideal for families and small groups.

Mer et Soleil is the perfect jumping off point for nature excursions, as well as trips into the city and to Sicily's temples. Want to leave the organizing to somebody else? Try the organized activities.

The bay and the beach

Mer et Soleil - Private bay

Desperate for peace and quiet and relaxation?

What could be better than the softly swelling sounds of the sea and the smell of the pines?

Spend the whole day outside on your terrace. Or climb down the cliffs and swim in the coves. For a little more socializing, only 100m from Mer et Soleil is a small pebble beach. The crystal-clear water is quite shallow, and suitable for children.

The mountain and the sea

Monte Catalfano - At the top you have a wonderful view of the Mediterranean

Don't like long complicated trips but want to see some of Sicily's beautiful nature? Mer et Soleil is perfect for that, too: only 800m away is the entrance to the Monte Catalfano nature reserve (north entrance).

Monte Catalfano is a well-kept secret. Even in the high season you will have the nature reserve almost to yourself. At the top you have a wonderful view of the Mediterranean - and also the rooftops of Mer et Soleil.

Old and new

Mer et Soleil - The ancient site Solunto

The northwestern corner of Sicily has been popular not only recently. Even in ancient times people were drawn to the locale. That's why some 3000 years ago the Phoenicians founded the city of Palermo.

Because they could view the whole region from Monte Catalfano, in addition to Palermo, they founded on the eastern end the city of Solunto. And unlike Palermo, the ancient layout of Solunto is still intact. This is unique in all of Sicily - and it's only 7km from Mer et Soleil.

Fresh fish

Mer et Soleil - The fishing village Aspra

Maybe you'd like the atmosphere of the small fishing village - sitting outside in front of a bar with the ocean's murmur and colorful fishing boats right in front of you... Wouldn't it be perfect?

You can find this just 2 km from Mer et Soleil in Aspra. Naturally, you can buy all the fresh fish you want, and cook them up with recipes from Maria Carnevale in the comfort of your holiday apartment. Aspra also has a supermarket and other shops.

Sicilian cuisine

Mer et Soleil - Sicilian cuisine with Maria Carnevale

Mediterranean cooking is easy and tastes great. The Sicilian variety has a very special place. It is extremely diverse and reflects the influence of a lot of cultures:

The Greeks brought olives and wine, and the Romans grain. The Arabs added sweets, spices, and - very importantly - citrus. The bountiful supply and variety of vegetables goes back to the Spaniards.

Hardly anyone has mastered this "culinary multiculturalism" as well as Maria Carnevale, the co-founder of Solemar Sicilia (on the right, standing).

Organized activities

Video "Sicily Teaser - Solemar Sicilia - learn Italian in sunny Sicily" starten

Mer et Soleil is perfect not only for tourists traveling solo, but for anyone who enjoys group activities. Among the wonderful things to enjoy:

  • Nature excursions
  • Trips to the ancient world
  • Trips into the cities - especially Palmero
  • Boat trips and diving courses
  • Cooking classes and wine tasting

Local contacts

Maria Carnevale and Thomas Grüssner and the Solemar Sicilia Team

The holiday apartments available at Mer et Soleil are supervised by Solemar Sicilia. Solemar Sicilia is a Sicilian-German family-run operation that has offered excellent holiday apartments, Bed & Breakfast and hotel accommodation for thirty years.

In these holiday hotspots:

Solemar Sicilia also offers

Holidays in Sicily are at their most wonderful when Solemar Sicilia helps you with their tourism and accommodation service.

  • Tel.: +39 091 956 608   (English)
  • Email:   (English)

The Essence of Sicily

The Essence of Sicily
Emotional video of Sicily by John Robertson

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Trip Tipp Compass - Getting to Mer et Soleil

This Trip Tipp Compass covers the route from the entrance of Aspra to the holiday lettings of Mer et Soleil and Villaggio Santino.

Bagheria - Compass - Holiday lettings

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  • From the entrance of Aspra to the holiday lettings in Mongerbino
  1. Villaggio Santino
  2. Mer et Soleil
  3. Villa Marie
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Mer et Soleil - Impressions

Mer et Soleil - Breakfast on one of the bungalow terraces
Mer et Soleil - Terrace, relaxing, wine
Mer et Soleil - E-Bike
Mer et Soleil - Mountains and sea
Mer et Soleil - Pines create shadow
Mer et Soleil - Sunbeds on a a terrace
Mer et Soleil - Bedroom of a bungalow
Mer et Soleil - Living room of a bungalow
Mer et Soleil - Right on the water
Mer et Soleil - Meerblick auf das Capo Zafferano
Mer et Soleil - Dolphins
Mer et Soleil - Blue arch
Mer et Soleil - Blue arch - Boat trip
Mer et Soleil - Swimming bay
Mer et Soleil - Beach

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Other holiday lettings

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