Sicilian Holidays are Unique!

Sicily is one of the most exciting travel destinations in the Mediterranean. A vacation in Sicily is full of glorious contrasts. Majestic mountains sit directly against the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, colourful fishing villages next to majestic old towns. One day brings you to a quaint mountain village and the next on a boat tour from the stylish marina of Palermo. Everywhere you look the complex threads of Sicilian history twine together to create a fascinating present. And of course, above all Sicily is sun, sea and la dolce vita.

A family holiday in Sicily

A family holiday in Sicily

Would you like to spend your Sicilian vacation in the company of family and friends? Sunbathing on the beach, taking leisurely trips or just relaxing at home? A villa or holiday apartments like those at the Mer et Soleil, Cicladi or Villaggio Santino are just the thing for you.

A vacation in Sicily for explorers

A vacation in Sicily for explorers

Are you outdoorsy and active? More interested in collecting memories than souvenirs? Then we have an insider tip for you: The small town of Santa Flavia is the perfect base from which to discover the island of Sicily.

Learn Italian in Sicily

Learn Italian in Sicily

Don't think that 'Learning' and 'holiday' can go together? You'd be amazed! Picture yourself picking up phrases and cultural tips on the terrace of your Bagheria/Mongerbino apartment, overlooking a glorious sea view. Or perhaps you prefer a clearer division - first learning Italian and then downtime? Then Sicily's premier language school, the Solemar Academy is the choice for you.

Wintering in Sicily

Wintering in Sicily

Do the winter blues get you down? Chase them away with an escape to the Mediterranean: They'll be no match for the warm Sicilian sun. Whether you've given up the 9 to 5 or become a digital nomad, if you if the sound of a well-connected Sicilian town with a quiet authenticity sounds appealing then we recommend Santa Flavia for the winter. More of a city-dweller? Then we recommend Palermo.

The Essence of Sicily

The Essence of Sicily
Emotional video of Sicily by John Robertson

Discover Sicily at your Leisure

Yes, Sicily is one of the most exciting travel destinations in the Mediterranean. But how to go about finding the best flights and cheapest car rental? Where's the most beautiful accommodation and which are the most interesting tourist destinations? Looking for beaches, parks and attractions that have not been overrun by tourists? We can answer answer all these questions:

Vacation destinations in Sicily

Vacation Destinations

Sicily is a sunny magnet for explorers and relaxers alike. The best vacation destination for explorers is a cosy and accessible 'base camp' from which you can easily explore the rest of the island. We know that they'll also be looking for a few other ingredients too... more

Travel tips four your vacation in Sicily

Travel Tips

Set on a holiday in Sicily? We can help with the three key questions: How do I travel to Sicily? How do I find a place to stay? And how do I get there once I'm on the island?... more

Apartments for your vacation in Sicily


Our selection of holiday home recommendations isn't the largest you'll find, but each apartment in our carefully-curated list is characterised by a certain 'star quality'. These might be optional language courses, organized excursions or just a magic location or quality of design... more

General Tips for your vacation in Sicily

General Tips

Scarcely any other region of Europe is subject of as many pop culture clichés as Sicily. If you ask why, it often comes back to the same answer: 'The Godfather'. Yes, we've seen the moves and yes, we loved them too – but we try to take the opportunity to present you with a different side of Sicily... more

Exploring ancient sites on Sicily

In the Footsteps of Ancient Sicily

In the modern world it doesn't always get the credit it deserves, but Sicily is part of the cradle of European culture. In Italy you might expect this to be the work of the Romans, but it is in fact the ancient Greeks who deserve much of the credit. From as early as the eighth century BC they spread their empire out along the entire Mediterranean corridor - or at least they tried... more

Outings in Sicilian Nature

Outings in Sicilian Nature

Holidaymakers look for sun and sea in Sicily, and of course neither will disappoint. But in addition to the beach life, the interior of Sicily offers a wealth of colour and variety. Vacations in Sicily won't want to miss out the green sides of the fertile island... more

Discover Sicilian cities

Discover Sicilian Cities

A holiday in Sicily isn't just about the sun and sea – though it will never let you down on those! But Sicily offers much more - especially in winter. This is the ideal time for mini breaks and longer stays in the cities of the island... more

News from Sicily

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the most beautiful place in Sicily?

Which is the most beautiful grain of sand on the beach!? Sicily is blessed with quaint mountain villages, idyllic beaches on the outskirts of fishing villages, ancient heritage sites with breathtaking sea views, marinas not just for sea-dogs and lush urban parks in big cities like Palermo. We can't pick one favourite but we can recommend our long list in the travel guide Trip Tipp Sicily.

When is the best time to travel?

The best time to travel to Sicily depends on your destination. A beach holiday is of course stunning in summer but also lovely well into autumn (October, at least). The dramatic mountainous interior offers something interesting all year round, even ski slopes! We'd say that the big cities are perfect for exploring in in autumn, winter and spring. And if you're looking for a base in which to spend a whole winter we'd recommend Palermo and the surrounding area.

Is Sicily dangerous?

Put the Godfather out of your mind... no, Sicily is not particularly dangerous. Certainly the island was engaged in a brutal and tragic conflict against the Mafia for over half a century, but the struggle and sacrifices were not in vain: today, modern Sicily is as safe as any travel destination in the world.

How do you get to Sicily?

The quickest way, certainly, to get to Sicily is by plane. The island offers a choice of three airports for international flights, and from these you can reach your eventual destination by bus, train, taxi or rental car. If you want to get around a little, we do recommend that a small investment a rental car pays big dividends.

Our Partners

Your vacation in Sicily will be full of inspiration and contrasts. We work with many partners to guarantee this promise.

Solemar Academy - Learn Italian in Cefalu

Solemar Academy – Sicily's Premier Language School

During your vacation in Sicily why not mix relaxation with education with and learn Italian. One of the best language schools in Sicily is the Solemar Academy in Cefalù. It also offers holiday apartments and a varied leisure program.

Property in Sicily

Property in Sicily – A Gateway to Real Estate in Sicily

Emigration from Sicily has been a reality for many generations. But what happens to the houses left behind? Oftentimes... nothing! To change that, they are now sold for a knockdown or even symbolic price ('Houses for a Euro'!). If you enjoyed your stay so much you can't bear to leave, Property in Sicily will be happy to help you with your dream purchase.

Solemar Sicilia

Solemar Sicilia - Holiday Apartments and Events

Solemar Sicilia offers a wide portfolio of holiday apartments in Sicily - whether by the sea, in the middle of a busy city or in one of the island's beautiful and timeless villages. Solemar Sicilia is particularly known for the leisure programs and their personal touch.

Palermo Blu

Palermo Blu - Sicily's Capital à la Carte

Palermo Blu offers apartments in the old town of Palermo, making pretty much all of the very walkable historic city's sights 'just around the corner'. Expect the unexpected with walking tours from Palermo Blu on Google Maps.

Filly Cusenza

Filly Biz - Fashion Made in Sicily

Dolce & Gabbana have their roots in Sicily and the island still have a thriving fashion scene – but if you're expecting couture price tags, think again! This insider tip offers fashion that's fully designed and manufactured in Sicily. Such as this, by Filly Cusenza from Bagheria. She turns her fabrics, threads and buttons into wearable pieces of art. Her trademark is the upbeat cartoon girl Filly Biz.

Cucina Tips - Sicilian Cuisine

Cucina Tips - Sicilian Cuisine

Sicilian cuisine draws on an enormous variety of ingredients, and small wonder - a huge range of fruit and vegetables thrive in the island's warm climate and fertile soil. Add the influence of spices from the Middle East and North Africa and you have a culinary tradition that even other Italians envy! At Cucina Tips you will find many delicious recipe ideas.

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