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The sunrise over the Gulf of Termini Imerese,
the sunset over the Gulf of Palermo,
and the steady, refreshing sea breeze.

These were the reasons why wealthy aristocrats of 17th and 18th century Palermo built their magnificent summer villas in Bagheria. In those days the villas had large Mediterranean gardens attached, full of citrus trees and flowers.

The film "The Leopard" gives a taste of life in a historic Sicilian villa. Nowadays, two of the villas of Bagheria are open to the public as museums and one is used for luxurious weddings.

More interesting for many people, though, are the more modern villas and mansions built overlooking the sea. Their balconies and roof terraces offer breathtaking panoramas of the Gulf of Palermo, but many of them have their own private beaches as well. Some of these highly sought-after villas are available as holiday lettings.


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Impressions of Bagheria

The following pictures give you an impression of the holiday destination Bagheria and its satellite villages Aspra and Mongerbino. The captions tell you where the photo was taken. The colours and numbers refer to the markers on the street map below.

Fishing boats in the village of Aspra  •  Red 3

Corso Butera, Bagheria  •  Brown 7

Bar on the seafront in the village of Aspra  •  Red 2

Corso Umberto - pedestrianised area,
Bagheria  •  Street marked turquoise

Capo Zafferano seen from Mongerbino  •  Red 1

Villa Cattolica, Bagheria  •  Brown 3

Sunrise over Mongerbino  •  Red 1

Villa Palagonia, Bagheria  •  Brown 15

Early morning mist in Mongerbino  •  Red 1

Pensioners in the Piazza Madrice, Bagheria  •  Brown 10

Staying in Bagheria

Private apartments offer those enjoying their holidays in Sicily the greatest amount of freedom. Bagheria offers holiday apartments right on the sea in the Mongerbino district:

Holiday lettings - Mer et Soleil

Mer et Soleil   ⇒ Info

  • Apartments by the sea (Purple 1)
  • Private bay
  • Nestled in a pine grove
Holiday lettings - Villaggio Santino

Villaggio Santino   ⇒ Info

  • Apartments on the waterfront (Purple 2)
  • Private bay
  • Surrounded by lush Mediterranean greenery
Holiday lettings - Villa Marie

Villa Marie   ⇒ Info

  • Holiday house right on the water (Purple 3)
  • Rocky inlet with swimming platforms
  • Quiet location

Things to see

Bagheria - Things to see

Bagheria is well known for its baroque villas. But there is much more to see.

Find out more on the Things to See in Bagheria page.

Learn Italian

Solemar Sicilia - Sprachschule in Bagheria

Anyone can visit Bagheria without knowing a word of Italian. But wouldn't it be nice to speak a bit of the most beautiful language in the world? You can! In Bagheria there's a language school right next to the sea.

More information can be found on our page: Learn Italian in Bagheria.

How to get to Bagheria

Bagheria - How to get there

So Bagheria has finally tempted you? Then only one question remains: how to get there? Bagheria's proximity to Palermo makes getting there by Trenitalia or by car very easy.

Find out more on our page: How to get there.

When you are here

Bagheria - Compass

This Compass covers the route from the highway to the holiday lettings in Aspra/Mongerbino.

Here, you will find more details concerning the Trip Tipp Compass.

The map below provides an overview of Bagheria.

Map I - Overview:

Bagheria - Street Map

Map II - City centre:

Bagheria - Street Map
  • Mongerbino - District of Bagheria with a wide selection of seafront villas.
  • From the motorway exit Bagheria to Mongerbino.
  • From Mongerbino to the landmark mountain in Bagheria - Monte Catalfano.
  • Tour through the historical centre of Bagheria.
  • The pedestrian area Corso Umberto I.
  1. Mer et Soleil - Mongerbino - small holiday village
  2. Villaggio Santino - Mongerbino - Holiday lettings and head office of the language school Solemar Sicilia
  3. Villa Marie - Mongerbino - Holiday house right on the water
  1. Bagheria Railway Station
  1. Parking area at Monte Catalfano - Bagheria's recreation area.
  2. Boardwalk in the Aspra district.
  3. Town hall and church of the village Aspra.
  4. Villa Sant'Isidoro offers a behind-the-scenes look at "The Leopard".
  5. Villa Ramacca is a popular venue today for family celebrations.
  6. Villa Cattolica - Permanent exhibition of works by 20th century Bagheria artist Renato Guttuso and contemporaries.
  7. Palazzo Aragona-Cutò - Owned by the City of Bagheria - seat of the local lending library.
  8. The Villa San Cataldo Garden is one of the few surviving examples of Sicilian Baroque.
  9. Museum Bagheria - Museum of Contemporary Art. The collection includes work by famous Bagheria photographer Ferdinando Scianna.
  10. Villa Galletti Inguaggiato - Private property.
  11. Villa Favazzi (today "Bitta Ristrò" - red marker 11)
  12. Palazzo Larderia - Property of the "Sisters of Maria Vergine Assunta".
  13. Piazza and Chiesa San Sepolcro.
  14. Piazza and Chiesa Madrice.
  15. The Palazzo Villarosa today does conferences, receptions, and weddings.
  1. Palazzo Butera - Owned by the City of Bagheria and seat of the town council.
  2. Villa Trabia - Private property.
  3. Villa Cirincione - Private property.
  4. Villa Palagonia - Open to the public and the most famous villa of Bagheria because of its "monster" sculptures.
  5. Arco del Padre Eterno.
  1. Pizzeria in the district of Mongerbino - very large terrace with panoramic sea views.
  2. Pizzeria in the village of Aspra.
  3. Bar del Lungomare in the village of Aspra - Large outdoor area with sea views.
  4. Ice cream parlor in the village of Aspra.
  5. Supermarket in the village of Aspra.
  6. Wine sold on tap in the village Aspra.
  7. Antica Pasticceria Don Gino - This bar is said to serve the best ice-cream in Bagheria.
  8. Matahari Restaurant - Blend of Irish Pub, Bavarian pub and pizzeria.
  9. Il Barone di Münchhausen - restaurant with roof terrace popular with younger diners.
  10. Bar Ester - Traditional bar with classic Sicilian street foods
  11. Bitta Ristrò - fish restaurant. Managed by young, motivated staff. Highly recommended.
  12. Supermarket
  13. Don Ciccio - traditional restaurant - member of the Slow Food association.
  14. Bitta - Themed pub.
  15. Sicilian ceramics from Mirella Pipia.
  16. Bar Ester nel Corso - Modern version of the traditional Bar Ester with classic Sicilian street foods.
  17. International kindergarten Lirum Larum.

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