Santa Flavia: A small Town with a Large Harbour

Experience Sicily up close - A day by the sea in the fishing village of Sant'Elia
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Santa Flavia has always had a special relationship with the sea. It all began with the ancient Phoenicians, who founded a trading settlement which grew into the ancient city of Solunto.

Nowadays Santa Flavia is a middle-class suburb of Palermo. Its residents are commuters who work in Palermo and workers in one of Sicily's largest fishing ports nearby.

This closeness to the sea and the city are what makes Santa Flavia one of Sicily's most appealing tourist destinations. It is perfect for those who want to combine a beach holiday with more – and this "more" is not just Palermo, but also includes the vast Madonie nature reserve just up the road and the spectacular salt marshes of Trapani.


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Santa Flavia - Surroundings
  1. Santa Flavia - center
  2. Santa Flavia - Solanto district
  3. Santa Flavia - Porticello district
  4. Santa Flavia - Borgo di Santa Nicolicchia
  5. Santa Flavia - Sant'Elia district
  1. Bagheria - center
  2. Bagheria - Aspra district
  3. Bagheria - Mongerbino district
  1. Riserva naturale Monte Catalfano
  2. L'antica città di Solunto
  3. Capo Zafferano

Once you are there

Santa Flavia - Street Map
  • From the Bagheria motorway exit to the holiday lettings in Santa Flavia.
  • From the apartments in Santa Flavia to the Bagheria motorway access.
  • Discover Santa Flavia.
  • Walk to the excavated ancient city of Solunto.
  • Walk to the city centre of Bagheria.
  • Roads leading to the beaches of Santa Flavia.
  1. Residence Lo Bianco  -  2 holiday homes
  2. Casa Bagnera  -  holiday apartment
  3. Residence Cicladi  -  10 holiday apartments
  4. Casa Maria  -  8 holiday apartments
  5. B&B Flavilla
  6. Casa Colibrì  -  holiday apartment
  7. Maison Brigitte  -  holiday apartment
  8. Casa Panorama  -  holiday apartment (small penthouse with stunning panorama)
  9. Casa Chloé  -  2 holiday apartments (1 with large roof terrace)
  10. Casa Enza  -  holiday apartment (small penthouse with huge terrace)
  11. B&B Siciliò
  1. Santa Flavia Railway Station - the official name is "S. Flavia-Solunto-Porticello".
  2. Tabaccheria - you can buy Trenitalia railway tickets here.
  3. dito
  1. The garden of Villa Filangeri is one of the most beautiful and restful places in Santa Flavia.
  2. Villa Filangeri The aristocratic Filangeri family founded Santa Flavia in the mid 17th century. Their villa is now the seat of the local council offices.
  3. Basilica Soluntina di Sant'Anna The central church of Santa Flavia, founded by the Filangeri family.
  4. Santa Flavia's marionette theatre is part of the UNESCO cultural heritage.
  5. The old orphanage in the middle of Santa Flavia is waiting to be put to use.
  6. Padre Pio is a major figure of folk belief in southern Italy.
  7. Necropolis of Solunto.
  8. Francesco Paolo Perez was a Sicilian revolutionary, politician, and writer.
  9. The Fountain of Neptune is a standard stop during holidays in Sicily.
  10. Villa Basile was built by the famous Palermo family of architects, the Basile.
  11. Santa Flavia has one of the few open-air cinemas in Sicily.
  12. Patron Saint statue
  13. Porticello is the port of Santa Flavia and offers a variety of seafood restaurants.
  14. Chiesa di Maria Santissima del Lume. The central church of Porticello.
  15. Charming narrow old town streets.
  16. Monument to the victims of the sea.
  17. Promontory of Borgo di Santa Nicolicchia.
  18. Borgo di Santa Nicolicchia. This was the location of Sicily's first soap opera. An old castle here hosts themed events offering Sicilian Cuisine.
  19. Belvedere of Sant'Elia.
  20. Promontory of Sant'Elia.
  21. Cove of Sant'Elia.
  22. Chapel of Capo Zafferano.
  1. The lighthouse of Capo Zafferano is a popular destination.
  2. The peak of Monte Catalfano.
  3. Solunto is the only ancient settlement in Sicily whose basic layout is still intact.
  1. Pizzeria "Antica Caffetteria dell'Angolo". Good food in a down-to-earth restaurant.
  2. Filling station
  3. Bar "Basilica". Socializing in the evenings – pizza as well.
  4. Bar "Dolce Vita"
  5. Bakery - offers also family pizzas to take away.
  6. Bar "Celona"
  7. Hardware, batteries, glue and tools
  8. Household articles
  9. Supermarket
  10. Fresh fruits and vegetables
  11. Fresh fruits and vegetables
  12. First aid
  13. Fresh fruits and vegetables
  14. "Mille Sapori" - Coffee and delicacies (new). Great for small gifts. Bonus: honey and coffee from Santa Flavia
  15. Bicycle shop "Cicli Morici"
  16. Flower shop "Piante e Fiori Venturi"
  17. Bar, restaurant and pizzeria "Babilonia". Good food in a down-to-earth restaurant.
  18. Butcher "da Ernesto"
  19. Pharmacy
  20. Restaurant and pizzeria "Tanit". One of the best restaurants in town.
  21. Bar "Cafè Solunto"
  22. Restaurant and pizzeria "Gast Haus" overlooking the sea.
  23. Ice and crepes
  24. Pizzeria
  25. Open-air bar
  26. Pizzeria and restaurant "Kantuccio" in the harbor Porticello.
  27. Lounge bar
  28. Fish restaurant "Al Faro Verde" overlooking the sea. Sicilians travel great distances to eat here.
  29. Pizzeria "La Punta" on the promontory of the Borgo di Santa Nicolicchia. During the summertime you can sit right at the water's edge.
  30. Open-air bars
  31. Pizzeria and restaurant "Can Caus" managed by young, motivated staff. It has an extremely large terrace and indoor panoramic views too. Highly recommended. Inside view.
  32. Pizzeria "Antica Solunto" at an altitude of 100m. You can eat on a large terrace with breathtaking views of the mountains and the sea, which is open in summer and closed in with glass during the winter.
  1. Free part of the beach "Lido del Carabiniere".
  2. Free beach "Il Kafara".
  3. Free village beach of Sant'Elia.
  4. Free village beach of Porticello.
  5. Free beach "Aciddara".
  6. Private beach "Porto di Spagna".

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