Santa Flavia - Shopping

Santa Flavia - Shopping

One of the great benefits of Santa Flavia as a destination for your holidays in Sicily is that all the things of everyday life are at your fingertips. Even if you don't speak a word of Italian – you are truly welcome.

Tip: Using Google Translate on your smartphone will get you through most situations.

Here’s a list of stores, shops, and boutiques in the vicinity of the holiday apartments:

  • A supermarket right on Corso Filangeri (red Marker 9 on the city map).
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables right next to the supermarket (red Marker 10 on the city map).
  • Fresh-baked bread (don't miss!) from "Panificio Scafidi" (red Marker 5 on the city map).
  • Many types of beef and sometimes chicken at "Macelleria Ernesto" (red Marker 18 on the city map).
  • Fresh fish is the prime product of Porticello, of course (brown Marker 11 on the city map).
  • Assorted beverages are served up at "Mille sapori" (red Marker 14 on the city map). Local honey and coffee also for sale.
  • For anything bike-related see Francesco Morici (red Marker 15 on the city map).
  • Want to say thanks to your Italian teacher? No problem: get fresh flowers from Patrizia Leandro. (red Marker 16 on the city map)
  • Tickets for the train (Trenitalia) are sold in a "Tabaccheria" (blue Marker 2 und 3 on the city map).
  • For hardware store materials go to the "Ferramenta" (red Marker 7 on the city map)
  • Household goods are at "Brió Shop" (red Marker 8 on the city map)
  • The pharmacy is right at the railroad crossing (red Marker 19 on the city map).
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