Santa Flavia - Local products

Santa Flavia - Local products

Think globally – act locally! The motto of Agenda 21 is something all of us can take to heart on our holidays in Sicily – for example, by supporting the producers of fine local products in Santa Flavia.

Luckily, enjoying natural and delicious food here is easy – one doesn't have to be an eco-fanatic scouring the shops. The climate favors Sicily, and fruits and vegetables of high quality are grown here in any garden and can be bought for laughably low prices on the street corner.

Sicilian wine is no longer thought of as the sweet Marsala favored by grandmothers. Some are now internationally recognized. Some are solid, inexpensive mainstays like Corvo from nearby Casteldaccia.

Sicily in olden times was the bread basket of the Roman Empire. No wonder today that you find that just about every pasta at the supermarket comes from Sicily. Primeluci is a good local example – the one with the rooster in the logo. The name "Prime luci" fits the image – it means morning light.

Santa Flavia even has its own special products – honey and coffee:

Honey from Santa Flavia

Honey from Santa Flavia

The best holidays are full of delightful surprises – little finds that made you glad you visited Sicily, for example, and eager to come back.

Honey from Sicily may not be the kind you find abroad in supermarkets – big, cheap honey from Central and South America. But the Sicilians have been making it for thousands of years with no sign of stopping. And why should they?

Almost always, good local products that aren't made for mega-profits taste the best. When you try the honey in Santa Flavia, you'll know exactly what we're talking about.

So there are two good reasons then for trying this honey. Not only is it eco-friendly for not being hauled on massive ships all over the world. It's also simply delicious. Visit "Mille Sapori" (red Marker 14 on the city map) – and try not to become addicted.

Coffee from Santa Flavia

Coffee from Santa Flavia

Walking around in Santa Flavia – like any beautiful village in Sicily – you will be struck by how much the air is filled with the rich aroma of coffee. It's a memorable thing to take back with you from your holidays. But not all of that delicious aroma is coming out of the cafes. In Santa Flavia, there's a well-known coffee roaster – TO.DA – every morning preparing beans to be sent all around the region!

On the subject of coffee, we have two holiday apartments - Casa Enza and Casa Panorama – that are actually equipped with espresso machines to make a proper morning (and evening) coffee. But don't worry - you don't need to know the science of coffee brewing! The machines take pods that are easily available in Santa Flavia. Visit "Mille Sapori" (red Marker 14 on the city map) to pick some up.

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