Santa Flavia – Going by bike

Santa Flavia - Going by bike

Sometimes people enjoying their holidays in Sicily find our suggestions for travel on foot a bit too taxing. It's understandable given the hot Sicilian summer.

Luckily, Santa Flavia is - by Sicily's standards - a very bike-friendly city. There are no bike lanes, but it's mostly level and has a bike shop (red Marker 15 on the city map).

You can reach these local hotspots by bike (with distance from city center):

  • The port of Santa Flavia - Porticello (ca. 1km) - has a number of beautiful sights and several seafood restaurants.
  • Borgo di Santa Nicolicchia (ca. 2km) is small, picturesque bay with a pizzeria for evening visits.
  • Sant'Elia (ca. 2.5km) is perhaps the most beautiful part of Santa Flavia and not a little mysterious.
  • Solunto (ca. 2.5km, 200m high) is the ancient forerunner of Santa Flavia. In places it's better to push the bike.
  • Capo Zafferano (ca. 5km because of its location is practically a secret (see picture above).
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Going by bike to nearby Bagheria

  • The city center (ca. 2km) has plenty of shopping.
  • Villa Palagonia (ca. 2km) is known worldwide for its "monsters".
  • The garden of Villa San Cataldo (ca. 2km) is perhaps the most beautiful stop on bike trips to Bagheria.
  • The Museum of Contemporary Art (ca. 3km) is the most surprising stop in Bagheria.
  • Villa Cattolica (ca. 3.5km) exhibits the early work of world-famous painter Renato Gutuso.
  • Aspra's boardwalk (ca. 5km) offers holidaygoers in Sicily fresh seafood and bars right on the water.
  • Villa Sant'Isidoro (ca. 5km) is the one villa in Bagheria that still gives a glimpse into aristocratic life. Highly recommended.
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