Santa Flavia - Walking around

Santa Flavia - Walking around

Sicilian towns often have a lot more to offer than it seems. Taking just a few minutes while you are enjoying your holidays in Sicily to simply walk around will reveal many little jewels you would never have seen otherwise.

In Santa Flavia's case this is definitely true. We suggest these places to visit (with distances from town center):

  • Villa Filangeri (a few 100m) is Santa Flavia's landmark. For holidaygoers in Sicily, the large garden behind the villa is a popular destination.
  • At Porticello (ca. 1km) there's a lot to see – plus a number of seafood restaurants.
  • Borgo di Santa Nicolicchia (ca. 2km) is a small and picturesque bay that even has a pizzeria nearby for evening visits.
  • Sant'Elia (ca. 2.5km) is probably the most beautiful part of Santa Flavia with a touch of mystery.
  • Solunto (ca. 2.5km, 200m high) is the ancient predecessor of Santa Flavia. The only ancient town in Sicily with its basic layout still intact.
  • Capo Zafferano (ca. 5km) is a real find. Because of its distance from town it is recommended only for fit and eager Sicily holidaygoers. Take some food with you!
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