Santa Flavia - Eat and drink

Santa Flavia - Eat and drink

Eat, eat – or as the locals say, "mangiare"! Santa Flavia offers an excellent opportunity to sample Sicilian cuisine – which can be a truly wonderful part of holidays in Sicily. Local resturants are frequented by locals, so no tourist food at tourist prices. Promise!

Santa Flavia's excellent seaside location along with the port of Santa Flavia - Porticello – which is the largest fishing port in Sicily – make the hearts of fish gourmets flutter. Directly on the waterfront are a number of fine seafood restaurants with fish so fresh it is as if it just jumped out of the water and onto your plate.

In a more familiar direction, there are several inexpensive and family-oriented pizzerias. You'll often see young children eating with their families until late in the evening.

Of course, pizza is familiar to everyone around the world, but Sicilian pizza has a unique variety! Depending on the pizzaiolo (pizza maker) it's possible to come across delicious pizzas with ricotta, pistachios, ham - and more! Buono!

If you want to see locals in their true element, you should hit the cafes. In Italy, what is elsewhere called a cafe is usually called a "bar". While you can get alcoholic drinks there, coffee in all its varieties in the main draw during the day. The best espresso in the world can be had at most Sicilian bars, along with cappuccinos, pastries, salty snacks – and in the summertime, refreshing granitas. Practice your Italian, if you like, with the barista! Or just sit outside and watch the timeless bustling to and fro of the Sicilian street. After a day or two you will start to become part of the place yourself and the eternal Sicilian warmth.

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