Casa Bagnera holiday apartment

Holiday destination Santa Flavia

Casa Bagnera is located very close to the harbor of the small Sicilian town of Santa Flavia (red umbrella on the right) – a calm, but not sleepy suburb of Palermo.

Casa Bagnera's location is truly one of a kind. This glorious property manages to combine a stunning panorama with being just a stone's throw from the second largest port in Sicily, and all the culutre and folklore which that brings.


Casa Bagnera is the perfect base from which to explore Sicily:

Holiday apartment Casa Bagnera - Neighborhood
  1. Casa Bagnera
  2. Porticello beach
  3. Santa Flavia train station
  4. Gardens of the Villa Filangeri
  1. Bagheria (Villa Palagonia)
  2. Nature reserve Monte Catalfano
  3. Ancient city of Solunto

Casa Bagnera on Pinterest

Sicily - Holiday lettings - Casa Bagnera - Window
Panorama of Porticello from the balcony of Casa Bagnera.
Sicily - Holiday lettings - Casa Bagnera - Harbor
Casa Bagnera is nestled in the heart of the Sicily's second largest port.
Sicily - Holiday lettings - Casa Bagnera - Living room
The beautiful living room of Casa Bagnera.
Sicily - Holiday lettings - Casa Bagnera - Roof terrace
The terrace of Casa Bagnera offers beautiful views over the sea and the perfect spot for sunbathing.
Sicily - Holiday lettings - Casa Bagnera - Double bed
The luxurious double bed.
Sicily - Holiday lettings - Casa Bagnera - Lounge
This charming bench sits just outside the entrance.
Sicily - Holiday lettings - Casa Bagnera - Kitchen
The kitchen of Casa Bagnera capture the essence of Sicilian tradition.
Sicily - Holiday lettings - Casa Bagnera - Desktop
Even the desk in the bedroom offers a glorious view.

The Essence of Sicily

The Essence of Sicily
Emotional video of Sicily by John Robertson

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Maria Carnevale and Thomas Grüssner and the Solemar Sicilia Team

The holiday apartment Casa Bagnera is supervised by Solemar Sicilia. Solemar Sicilia is a Sicilian-German family-run operation that has offered excellent holiday apartments, Bed & Breakfast and hotel accommodation for thirty years.

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