Santa Flavia - Going by train with Trenitalia

Santa Flavia - Going by train with Trenitalia

There may be no better jumping off point for exploring Sicily by train than Santa Flavia. The train station in this quietly colorful seaside town is easily reachable on foot from almost any holiday apartment. If you want bang for your buck for your holidays in Sicily, Santa Flavia is the place.

Trenitalia is the name of the Trenitalia railway system. It has a multilingual website on which you can access timetables and plan your adventures by train.

One important fact: on the website and on printed timetables, Santa Flavia's station is listed as S.Flavia-Solunto-Porticello.

Buying tickets couldn't be easier. In Italy they are sold at tobacco shops called Tabaccheria. For one close to the station see blue Marker 2 of the city map. One slightly farther away is located opposite Villa Filangeri at Marker 3.

These are some typical destinations for holidaygoers venturing out of Santa Flavia using Trenitalia ("station name", trip duration):

  • Palermo ("Palermo Centrale", ca. 20min) is the most popular destination. As Sicily's capital, it offers by far the greatest number of tourist attractions and its main station is only about twenty minutes from Santa Flavia's.
  • Cefalù ("Cefalu", ca. 1:30h) has one of Sicily's most beautiful beaches and a truly historic old town center. The Cefalu Cathedral has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015.
  • Agrigento ("Agrigento Centrale", ca. 2:15h) draws visitors from around the world because of its beautiful Greek temples. The train station and the famous Valley of the Temples have connecting buses.

Tip: Trips to Cefalù and Agrigento in wintertime can be wonderful experiences. With nearly all the tourists at home, the chance to stand alone in a medieval cathedral or a Greek temple can be irresistible.

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