Santa Flavia's many beaches

Santa Flavia's many beaches

Santa Flavia is the perfect jumping off point for an exploration of Sicily. During the summer holidays, of course, the main attraction is the sea.

You can enjoy no fewer than six different stretches of beach in Santa Flavia. They are all conveniently located (see the yellow markers on the city map).

Find out all the details in the following sections.

Free beach "Lido del Carabiniere"

Santa Flavia - The Carabinieri beach

As the name suggests, the Lido del Carabiniere (yellow Marker 1 on the city map) is reserved for members of the Carabineri (police). Members of the public can find themselves waiting for deck chairs and service at the bar. The entrance fee is also not among the lowest.

However, there is a free part of the beach with no bars or chairs, but plenty of nice sand. This can be used by anyone.

If you drive here, park your car along the street (Via Litoranea). But be aware that in the summertime it's busy here even in the morning.

That's why we recommend using a bicycle. If you do, it's best to follow the brown and yellow lines on the map. They are a small detour, but are much more pleasant to take than the main road.

Free beach "Il Kafara"

Santa Flavia - Free beach 'Kafara'

Right next to the Lido del Carabiniere is the large beach Il Kafara (yellow Marker 2 on the city map). It is free to enjoy, and also has a small, rather improvised bar. So it's especially busy on summer weekends.

Opposite the beach access is a parking area. To get the jump on everyone else enjoying their holidays in Sicily, you really have to get there early. Again, another reason why we recommend a bicycle. (See the brown and yellow lines on the Santa Flavia city map.)

Free beach at Sant'Elia

Santa Flavia - Free beach at

Perhaps the most beautiful beach in Santa Flavia is located in the Sant'Elia district (yellow Marker 3 on the city map). It has not only some fine sand, but several bars, a playground, and a small marina. And it's free!

But why isn't this beach hopelessly overrun by the countless visitors enjoying summer holidays in Sicily? For one, there are very few parking spaces. And as far as the locals are concerned, bicycles count as sports equipment and not as ordinary means of transportation.

Nevertheless, from our holiday apartments in Santa Flavia (purple Marker on the city map) going by bike is the perfect way to reach the beach.

Free beach at Porticello

Santa Flavia - Free beach at Porticello

The Porticello district has its own beach also (yellow Marker 4 on the city map). Although it's a rocky beach and not as picturesque as Sant'Elia – it does have one advantage as far as the locals are concerned: you can reach it easily on foot.

This is why Porticello is popular, especially with local families. And it is also why there is a good supply of food and drink around this tiny village beach. People come not only to swim, but for ice cream.

If you are coming from our holiday apartments in Santa Flavia (purple Marker on the city map), we recommend going by bike. But you can also walk – it's only about a kilometer. Another fabulous feature of Porticello.

Free beach "Aciddara"

Santa Flavia - Free beach 'Aciddara'

Aciddara beach (yellow Marker 5 on the city map) is Santa Flavia's big secret. The reason why is that it's the hardest one to reach by car.

But it's a beauty with fine sand and blissful silence. If you like things quiet and relaxing, the lack of a bar and ice cream shop is a real plus.

Like any secret place, it takes some getting there. When you have turned off the main road (Strada Statale 113, yellow line on the city map) you should come to an old gate. It's no longer used so you can safely pass through.

The trail leads past some Mediterranean gardens to a newer, large gate. This gate keeps the cars out, but pedestrians can pass through anytime. Just past the gate, a staircase takes you down to the beach. A private paradise for your holidays in Sicily!

Private beach "Porto di Spagna"

Santa Flavia - Private beach 'Porto di Spagna'

Einstein once said, "If it costs nothing, it's worth nothing". But Einstein obviously didn't spend his holidays on Santa Flavia's free beaches. But it is sometimes true that if you pay more, you get more.

This is the case at Porto di Spagna (yellow Marker 6 on the city map). Here you can swim – and so much more. You can also surf, sail, and even learn to dance. For those who don't want to get wet, there are sports like volleyball, tennis, and table tennis. Porto di Spagna has a lot of things meant to improve your well-being.

In front of the beach entrance there is a large parking area. After 9:00 when it opens, it tends to fill up very quickly. From our excellent holiday apartments in the old town in Santa Flavia (purple Marker on the city map) you can easily reach Porto di Spagna by bike.

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