Santa Flavia - By car

Santa Flavia - By car

It's true that Santa Flavia is the perfect spot if you want to enjoy your holidays in Sicily without the headache of renting a car. The best of Sicily is practically within walking distance. But if you are the kind of person who can be tempted, there's a great deal more beyond the city limits. Here are some highlights:

  • Corleone is probably the most symbolic small town in Sicily. It's not only famous because of the film "The Godfather", but for its own successful struggles against the real Mafia. Today, the town uses the mafia theme for tourism.
  • Trapani is one of the few cities that can be recommended even at the highpoint of summer. Because of its location there is plenty of fresh air thanks to the surrounding sea.
  • Segesta is known for its well-preserved Greek temple as well as a Greek theater with fantastic views. The temple has interested architects for generations because its exterior is so intact.
  • Selinunte was a mega-city of the ancient Greeks. Tip: It's not well known that Selinunte's quarry can also be visited. A remarkable sight since so many columns and temple blocks are just "lying around".
  • The Villa Romana del Casale shows in a lovely mosaic that not just modern women wear bikinis. Many lovely visuals also on floor tiles.
  • Ficuzza was once a hunting lodge for the King of Sicily. That means it's more of a palace. Surrounded by lush forests, you can take leisurely walks or do some trekking.
  • The Madonie are part of the second-largest nature reserve in Sicily. With a bit of luck, you may see some eagles in flight.
  • The Scala dei Turchi is one of the most famous natural wonders in Sicily – a dazzling white rock that extends into perfect blue waters. How it was formed is as incredible as how it looks.
  • Zingaro was the first nature reserve established in Sicily. In the 70s, an effort was underway to connect it by road. But that's as far as it got – and many are glad, including some top Hollywood directors.

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