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Holidays in Sicily - City sightseeing - The Fontana Pretoria in Palermo

Most of us associate holidays in Sicily with sun and beaches. Sicily's climate and coastline easily live up to the most optimistic expectations.

But Sicily offers much more - especially in winter. This is the ideal time to explore the cities.

The menu on the left shows some of the most interesting places to visit. Our choices are all in Western Sicily because our recommended holiday apartments are in this region.

Fashion made in Sicily

Sicily - Fashion - Filly Biz

Sicilian fashion? Dolce & Gabbana?

Sure! But fashion designed and manufactured in Sicily is the real insider tip.

Like that of the Sicilian designer Filly Cusenza from Bagheria. She creates wearable art made of fabric, thread and buttons. Her trademark and label name is the fancy cartoon girl Filly Biz... more

Sicilian cities - perfect destinations for a winter vacation

You can explore Sicilian cities all year round. They have their charm in every season, unlike the beaches which you need to visit in summer. For Northern Europeans, the Sicilian winter feels like springtime.


Agrigento is known world-wide for its UNESCO World Heritage Site, the "Valley of the Temples" where you can see the best preserved ancient temples outside Greece. The old town and the surrounding area offers some attractions for holiday makers, too.


Cefalu is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Sicily, so we offer some holiday apartments there. Cefalù combines one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the north of Sicily with a vibrant and exciting historic town.


Corleone has become a symbol of the Sicilian Mafia, mainly because of the novel and film "The Godfather". Some holiday makers in Sicily visit Corleone seeking the origins of the Mafia, but in reality they go home satisfied to have found something completely different.


For unprepared holiday makers, Palermo - the capital of Sicily - may seem confusing or intimidating. In reality, Palermo is one of the most interesting cities in the world and a little extra trip planning pays dividends.


Trapani is well-known as the entry-point for budget airlines to Sicily. Trapani also offers holiday-makers a charming historic town and dramatic expanses of salt marshes, where the famous Trapani sea salt is still produced today.

We have dedicated a website to each of these towns. It provides maps of the journey to them and tourist itineraries by hire car, Trenitalia or coaches, and of course the location of points of interest.

The Essence of Sicily

The Essence of Sicily
Emotional video of Sicily by John Robertson

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