Casa Claudia  •  Holiday apartment at Villaggio Santino

Villaggio Santino - Casa Claudia
  • Sicilian country house
  • Living area:  50 m²
  • Terrace:  20 m²  (panoramic sea view)
  • Two bedrooms
  • Distance to sea:  50 m
  • Distance to train station:  3 km


Location - Villaggio Santino

Holiday destination Bagheria

Villaggio Santino is in Mongerbino, a district in one of the fastest rising holidays hotspots in Sicily: Bagheria (red umbrella, right side of image).

Mongerbino was just made for holidays at the beach. Holiday apartments with private beaches are available for your rest and relaxation. Mornings you can skip the shower and jump straight into the water.

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Casa Claudia - Impressions

Villaggio Santino - Casa Claudia - Terrace
Villaggio Santino - Casa Claudia - Sunset
Villaggio Santino - Casa Claudia - Bedroom
Villaggio Santino - Casa Claudia - Sofa
Villaggio Santino - Casa Claudia - Kitchen
Villaggio Santino - Overview
Villaggio Santino - Cottage with antenna
Villaggio Santino - View from a terrace
Villaggio Santino - Sailboats
Villaggio Santino - Yachts
Villaggio Santino - Sunrise
Villaggio Santino - Sunset in January

Holiday apartment - special features

Swimming platform

The swimming platform of Villaggio Santino

Santi Aiello's superior planning even took into account the rocks of the protected bay. He installed a platform for safe entering and exiting from the water (Marker 2 on the map above). The result is that it feels as safe as a swimming pool.

You can also use the platform for entering the water by canoe. These are available for rent at Solemar Sicilia.

Separate flats and terraces

Villaggio Santino - terraces

Each apartment at Villaggio Santino is self-contained. They offer two bedrooms, a kitchen, and bathroom.

But most importantly for privacy, each apartment has a large terrace extending the entire width that is not visible from neighboring apartments. Awnings provide protection from too much sun.

The terraces offer breathtaking views of the Gulf of Palermo. Some say it has the most beautiful sunset in the world.

The most beautiful sunset in the world

Villaggio Santino - The most beautiful sunset in the world

Beautiful sunsets aren't just found in the Caribbean and other island paradises.

Around the Gulf of Palermo, the sunset is unforgettable. Especially with the mountains to the northwest and the gorgeous summer clouds floating high above.

The view comes free of charge on your private terrace at Villaggio Santino.

Nature walks right outside...

Villaggio Santino - Hiking at Monte Catalfano

Villaggio Santino not only faces the beautiful sea, but it also stands at the foot of Bagheria's own mountain and nature reserve: Monte Catalfano.

Monte Catalfano offers easy-to-reach hiking routes – and above all, a wonderful view of the sea.

No special equipment is needed. But be sure to have appropriate footwear.

... and antiquity right around the corner

Villaggio Santino - The ancient city of Solunto

Monte Catalfano fascinates everyone who visits while enjoying their holidays in Sicily. But even in ancient times it was regarded as an attractive spot. The ancient Phoenicians founded the city of Solunto here.

After the Phoenicians came the Greeks and then the Romans until at one point, the city was simply left to itself. It wasn't until the 1800s that the city was excavated.

Today it is the only ancient city in Sicily whose basic layout is still visible and intact. And it's barely a few kilometers from Villaggio Santino.

Sicilian cuisine

Villaggio Santino - Sicilian cuisine with Maria Carnevale

The most visible legacy of Sicily's many conquerors and their cultures is the incredible stonework they left behind them.

It almost competes with Sicilian cooking. And no one has mastered this wonderful cultural mix better than Maria Carnevale, the co-owner of Solemar Sicilia (photo, right).

She not only cooks for the delight of guests at Villaggio Santino, but offers cooking classes as well (both optional).

Group activities

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Holiday apartments at Villaggio Santino are excellent for solo tourists and anyone up for wonderful group activities. For example:

  • Nature trips
  • Archaeological excursions
  • City trips - Palmero in particular
  • Boat trips and diving courses
  • Cooking classes and wine tasting

Local contacts

Maria Carnevale und Thomas Grüssner und das Team von Solemar Sicilia

The holiday apartments available at Villaggio Santino are supervised by Solemar Sicilia. Solemar Sicilia is a Sicilian-German family-run operation that has offered excellent holiday apartments, Bed & Breakfast and hotel accommodation for thirty years.

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Holidays in Sicily are at their most wonderful when Solemar Sicilia helps you with their tourism and accommodation service.

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