Cefalu – How to get there

Map of Sicily's three airports

Holidays in Sicily most of the time begin at the airport. Of course, you might also travel to Sicily from the Italian mainland by car – in which case you would take the ferry. But in what follows we assume you are starting your Sicilian holiday at one of these three major airports:

Catania Airport (Marker 1 on the map) and Palermo Airport (Marker 2) operate year-round with flights even north of the Alps. Catania Airport, especially in the summer, is the busiest airport.

Trapani Airport (Marker 3) is used by many for its inexpensive flights. Because holidays during the wintertime are still such a well-kept secret, there are not many connections in Trapani in winter.

By Car

A rental car for your sicily holidays

Travel by car involves two steps. First you go from the airport in the direction of Cefalu. Which way you go depends on your airport. Follow these highways:

From the exit for Cefalu, follow the second part of the blue line to the large parking area near the beach (red Marker 5). If you'd like to get from this parking lot to the Cefalu junction on the highway, follow the red line.

By Bus and Train

Holidays in Sicily - Bus and Train

Travel by bus and train usually starts by arriving at Palermo Central Station by bus. What bus you take to get there depends on what airport you are coming from:

Next you take Trenitalia (the Italian railway system) from Palermo Central to the station at Bagheria. Of course, this has to be done during normal service hours. Timetables can be found on the Trenitalia website.

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