Trip Tipp's Compass  -  Overview

Trip Tipp Compass

These days Google is a real help for planning holidays in Sicily. Google Directions and Google Street View allow you to plan routes in all the major cities from home. But even this cutting-edge technology is today often baffled by the winding, picturesque streets of Sicilian towns with their medieval layouts.

And what's more: roaming around on Google Street View sucks up a lot of data. It can be quite slow - and leave you with a major bill. This is where the Trip Tipp Compass comes in. It has two parts:

This combination of paper and phone is crucial. For a complete picture having it all on paper can't be beat. And the panoramic views on your phone give you critical details about where you are in 3D.

Important note: The Trip Tipp Compass is intended only for private use and at your own risk. Please note that the situation on the ground can differ from what's in the Compass.

Trip Tipp Compass  -  Destinations

Trip Tipp's Compass presently describes the following holiday destinations:

the following nature walks:

how to get to these holiday apartments in Bagheria:

and to these ones in Santa Flavia:

The Essence of Sicily

The Essence of Sicily
Emotional video of Sicily by John Robertson

Holidays lettings in Sicily

Holidays lettings

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To make it simple, we present a small selection of quality holiday rentals, each one chosen for an unusual feature to make your holiday in Sicily extra special... more

Fashion made in Sicily

Sicily - Fashion - Filly Biz

Sicilian fashion? Dolce & Gabbana?

Sure! But fashion designed and manufactured in Sicily is the real insider tip.

Like that of the Sicilian designer Filly Cusenza from Bagheria. She creates wearable art made of fabric, thread and buttons. Her trademark and label name is the fancy cartoon girl Filly Biz... more